Howard East Futures

Student Contributors:
“Reclaiming Blackness through the Land”
  1. Shulan Zhao
  2. Evan Craig
  3. Jeremy Edwards

“Liberation Dance Landscape”
  1. Hajar Alrifai
  2. Josias Agustin-Mendez
  3. JiaJun (Kami) Liu

“Managed Multi-purpose Memorial Campus”
  1. Lanhua Weng
  2. Jenine Shane Mangubat
  3. Miaoting He

“East Campus Reconstruction”
  1. Devorah Kopciel
  2. Samantha Cohen
  3. Joaquim Rodrigues

“A New Hybrid Pedagogy”
  1. Hanna Dinaburg Nozdrin
  2. Orit Samouha
  3. Jiaying Li

“Ritual as Intervention: Inspired by Junkanoo—a Bahamian celebration”
    Bria Miller


Howard East Futures is a compilation of recent student work exploring and presenting the potential of Howard University’s Divinity School East campus in Brookland, Washington, DC.

These case studies were led by architecture studio critics Curry Hackett and Jerome Haferd in Summer and Fall 2020.

This body of work has been compiled in response to Howard’s plans to redevelop the 23-acre site, which we feel deserves more vision and sensitivity to the histories and potential futures for coming generations—especially those of Black and indigenous people in the DC metro area.

We hope this work offers insight on how Black and indigenous groups, as well as members of the Howard and Brookland communities, might contribute to the vision and plan for this precious land.

*Howard East Futures is not affiliated with Howard University, City College New York, or their respective departments of architecture.*